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Antonio Barberà

data scientist

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I’m a good communicator, both in traditional and electronic media, as well as passionate about information technology. This makes me an ideal fit in the field of data science, where I also bring the excellent interpersonal and organizational skills I honed through years of experience in the hospitality industry, including the ability to speak several languages.
A mind is not a vase to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.
― Plutarch
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About Me?

How about Community? It all boils down to it. At the core, even the largest cities, entire nations, the whole of us, we are a community, a single one. Whether we belong to the humanists, naturalists, or spiritualists, we’re taught about dignity, empathy, humility, agape, ubuntu. Through data science, we can support those values with the most honest of measures: the fact. Let’s raise our world to that standard.
Today, more than ever. Let us look at ourselves through the mirror of the facts so we can’t deny our flaws as a group, so we can change the wrongs that we inflict on our neighbors, our brothers and sisters, ourselves. Let’s find new ways to prosper together, justly and sustainably. It’s not a dream anymore. The science is here and the data is out there.